Guidelines to Sustainability

A profit minded company shall nevertheless contribute it’s fair share to secure the foundations of our common habitat and hence of economy itself by actively protecting the environment.

Responsibility to environment for us is not just a slogan. Since as early as 1995 we have been acting in accordance with landmark guidelines and keeping constantly ahead of legislation. Since 1996 we have been certified to meet EMAS and ISO 14001:2004. For nearly 30 years we run our waste water with the best possible coefficient of 1. Furthermore we constantly working hard on reducing waste water, energy use and the use of chemicals. With an investment in a new Electro-plating facility, we are sure to be in the lead.

Surface treatments and raw materials are being tested. And of course we pay attention and take care to the origin of the raw materials we use- we know our responsibility.

  • BERNING shall take a leading role in this to help ecology to it’s right against economy – also in case of conflicting interests.
  • We shall supply products of high environmental standards: no consumer shall be harmed by any of our products.
  • We shall make sparing uses of raw materials, energy and other resources and avoid damages to the environment: no nocuous effects on mankind and environment shall come from BERNING’s production.
  • We shall provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and keep away from them harmful impacts: no employee shall incur health damages from work.
  • BERNING shall respect applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • All actions and decision shall be subject to the criteria of environment protection and compatibility.
  • In working with customers and partners BERNING shall minimize emissions and make caring use of resources. Same shall apply to working with suppliers and contractors.
  • Employees shall be instructed as to environmental conscious actions, be motivated and trained.
  • Any stress upon the environment that derives from BERNING’s site shall be constantly monitored and constantly further minimised.
  • Environment protection shall be represented with credibility and adequacy. Pretension and reality shall correspond.

Certificates and Downloads

Sustainability GuidelineDownload
Certificate – ISO 14001:2015Download
Certificate – EMASDownload
Certificate – ÖKO-TEXDownload
List of substances to RSLDownload