Quality Management

Quality has been the basis for our lasting success since more than 130 years. Quality of products and services shall continue to satisfy our customers and thus ensure the future development of our company. For this reason quality is an highly important criterion for our daily business and constitutes a solid bond with our customers.

We know the importance of quality parts especially in automotive: we run an efficient quality management system and are obviously being certified according to ISO 9001:2015. All necessary tests we do in house. Special testing such atomic absorption spectroscopy we do within a few miles. Customers receive all necessary information such as data sheets, control schedules, inspection certificates.

Our fundamentals are:

  • careful and competent advice and support,
  • innovative and good products, which satisfy our customers,
  • reliability in realisation and supply,
  • professional diligence in all our services,
  • a relationship of quality and price that is fair.

Our products:

  • must fulfil their function and customers’ needs all-out,
  • whereas the focus can be on “function + look” (clothing) or un “function + safety” (automotive),
  • In any case we want to be proud of our products.
  • None of them shall ever jeopardise people nor environment.

Our services

  • must be helpful, precise and utile.
  • Our customers must rely on us.

Only an optimal teamwork can ensure good results​:

  • Hence, staff shall be informed about goals and standards, motivated and trained. All shall participate in defining quality goals and shall take
    responsibility for the high standards of our products and services in their daily work.
  • Also external partners shall be imparted to our ideas of quality, and their procedures interlocked with ours in close cooperation.

A permanent improvement in technology and procedures shall make sure that the effectiveness of our work and the quality of pour products and services is being constantly lifted towards the even better.

To maintain and improve high quality we run a Quality-Management-System. Details are written down in or Quality-Handbook.

Certificates and Downloads

Quality Management GuidelineDownload
Certificate – ISO 9001:2015Download