Pure Aging® – Naturally aged buttons

When you put on a pair of jeans it must perfectly reflect your individual character. It must therefore age with us to show that we are active parts in an active world. The jeans therefore has to be true as well as we all want to be true. This is the reason why we have realized metallic accessories that are true in their look by natural aging.

After intensive research and historic studies Berning proudly presents her new concept for aging jeans buttons, rivets and other metal trims.

Pure Aging® is using traditional, completely natural methods, and not one single chemical stuff. The most important ingredient, however, is time – today’s most precious good.

The procedure for maturing has been patented. Berning has always been innovator and is by tradition since 1888 thinking in categories of sustainability. With this latest development it is responding to the actual needs for respect for our planet in clothing.