Corporate Responsibility

BERNING SMART FASTENERS is a good old name. It stands for good products at fair prices, but also for decency, reliability and responsibility. We want to have a relationship with all our partners that is founded on trust and sustainability: with our employees by fair working conditions and a decent working environment, with our suppliers but also with our customers. For occupational health and safety BERNING is being OHSAS 18001:2007-certified, our social accountability is measured and certified after SA 8001-2001.


  • BERNING shall safeguard every consumer from any harm through her products.1
  • Society shall be protected from any harmful effect of production. We shall actively contribute to saving our habitat by constantly minimising the use of resources and impact on the environment.2
  • We believe that business needs to re-focus on traditional values and virtues. BERNING shall actively contribute to that.


  • All employees have a right to decent working conditions and fair treatment honouring their right and dignity.
  • All employees are entitled to a safe and healthy working environment that is free from hazardous and nocuous effects. 3
  • The Code of Conduct 4, that we are imposing our suppliers is first of all valid for ourselves.


  • From our suppliers we expect products and services of good quality at reasonable prices. Furthermore BERNING expects fair working conditions, a safe and good environment in production and generally a degree of responsibility that deserves our confidence. This is being monitored along our Code of Conduct which regulates behaviour such as: no child labour no forced labour nor violence, respecting employees’ rights, safe and healthy working environment, respecting laws and regulations regarding the environment, correctness in business.
  • In turn, suppliers have a right to be treated fair. They can trust that BERNING will not act indecently despite all economic necessities. We stand to what we have agreed.


  • Straightforwardness and responsibility are equally the foundation on which the relation with our customers shall be build.
  • We guarantee strict confidentiality of plans and developments. We shall respect brands, not “fake” nor indirectly contribute to it.
  • Despite all necessity to be commercially smart, there shall be no such thing as a “crooked deal”, bribe, “rip off” or a deliberate “error” in our  favour.


1) For securing the quality of our products we are certifies as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
2) Environmentally responsible behaviour is certified per EMAS and ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018.
3) BERNING is certified after OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety.
4) Our social accountability is measured by SA 8000:2014, according to which we are certified. The Suppliers’ Code of Conduct will be found find on our website.

Certificates and Downloads

Corporate Responsibility GuidelineDownload
Certificate – SA 8000:2014Download
Certificate – ISO 45001:2018Download